About Pangea Financial

Jeff Brown...Jeff 01 011

...is an Economist and Financial Analyst with an MBA and over 40 years of investment analysis, risk management, business leadership and consulting experience.

For the past 5 years I have focused on providing investing services to a very special RIA, my wife Donna Wood, a solo practioner CPA-PFS, CFP.  It started with a phone call while traveling for business, asking if I could help her grow her financial planning practice. She and her partner had sold the CPA practice and Donna’s dream was to focus on financial planning.My role has included both investment management and advising her on practice management. This has given me a deep insight into the challenges faced by a solo practioner RIA.

I had been trained in Modern Portfolio Theory and Capital Asset Pricing Model by Professor Fred Weston at UCLA, a colleague of Marco Modigliano and Merton Miller at the University of Chicago. Frankly I had not used it much since as my career in the energy industries relied more on other tools, but it all came back in living color as I began a deep dive into personal investment management.

Over the past five years I have continued to learn and, I believe, make improvements to the investment process. Much has changed since my days at UCLA and the new theoretical work, data, tools and software makes the work both more  productive and enjoyable. While doing the practical work of portfolio construction, I am exploring the interface of neo-classical finance with behavioral economics.  Understanding where the Efficient Market Hypothesis works and where it breaks down I believe will be useful in helping advisors help their clients.

As a niche investment consulting firm I am dedicated to helping small firm and solo financial planners turn their investment management service into the most satisfying, productive, and least stressful portion of their practice.