Pangea Financial provides Investment Consulting for Financial Planners and RIAs. I am an economist and financial analyst, completely independent, and like you, act as a fiduciary in the services I provide to my clients.

Full-Featured Portfolio Management Service


Customized to Meet Your Needs

Cost Effective

No Hiring Risk

You Retain Control of the Investment Process

Advantages of Working with Pangea Financial

More Time with Your Clients

Advisors find that the time spent with their clients leads to better understanding and superior service. Time spent understanding their needs, wants and wishes allows you to deepen your relationship and ensure they feel you "Get Them".
I understand the multiple tasks a fee only RIA must perform. I have also seen that the most successful focus on their clients, their lives, their goals for retirement and their legacies.

More Revenue & Higher Net Income

More time to spend with clients means you can serve more clients. That translates to more revenue for you.
Focusing on your best clients usually means you spend time on the most profitable relationships.

More Satisfaction From Your Practice

Most small firm advisors are talented relationship builders. Spending time doing what you enjoy most usually means spending time where you are most talented. Isn't that why you got into the business in the first place? Isn't that why you decided to become a boutique firm?
An investment professional the handling the time consuming investment tasks will free you up to do what you do best and most enjoy.
Consider the peace of mind and confidence that will come from having best in class research, portfolio construction and reporting.

Superior Investment Results

You may do well picking investments. You may not have that talent and choose to rely on index funds. You may elect to take the funds your custodian offers. All of these may or may not result in good performance.
The models and custom portfolios I build are designed around resilient asset allocations and built from the best performing managers and companies. They consistently beat published benchmarks and exhibit low internal correlations.
Multiple measures of risk and return are examined over the long, short and medium term. While the crystal ball has yet to be invented, portfolios are designed to leverage business cycle upside yet resilient to risk.

Service Offering

Sevices For You and Your Practice

Assets Under Management likely generates most of your revenue. It is also where planners and advisors say they need the most help. This is where I can add the most value to your firm in results and time saved.

Services For You and Your Clients

When a client has a special request, what are your options? Interrupt your work flow to respond? Delay the response until you can work it in? I can step in and allow you to be responsive while maintaining control over your schedule.

Years of Business Experience combined with Institutional Grade tools and Reporting capabilities

I Provide ...

… you with the opportunity to leverage not only many years of business experience along with direct institutional and retail portfolio management and research expertise.
You have models and custom portfolios that yield confidence for you and peace of mind to your clients.

I use...

... the same powerful analytical tools, databases, and reporting capabilities the large institutional money managers use. I apply these tools using best practices learned on the job and from large institutional asset managers and academic research.
I combine all this into a full range of project and retainer services, all offered on an ala carte basis, so you only pay for the services you need.

Who I Serve

…exclusively small independent RIA firms. Typically, one or two-person fee-based planning and advisory firms striving to offer the best investment advice and portfolio management service they possibly can.
Because of a desire to spend more time with their clients, the clients I seek recognize a need for outside assistance. They are planners and advisors looking for a trusted independent resource to help them with portfolio management. They choose not to outsource this function to a third party or bring onboard a dedicated CIO. Rather, they look for assistance in the heavy lifting of building portfolios and asset selection while retaining full control of the entire process.
Why serve only the small firms? Simple, they need the most help, and have fewer options. I started Pangea Financial to provide an affordable option. I have come to understand that small firms provide the most personalized service. My mission is to serve them so they can best serve their clients.

How I Can Help You

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your level of satisfaction
  • Grow your AUM
  • Free up Time for Client Engagement
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Eliminate cost and risk of portfolio management
  • Improve Asset Performance

Perhaps most Important...

...Gain an Outside Perspective

Clients will appreciate the fact you are looking to validate, strengthen, and enhance your investment management services as they know it will ultimately benefit them.
There could be other ways I could help you. The best way to find out is by having a conversation. Send me an email or just call. I am always happy to talk to a fellow professional.


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